Happy 2nd Birthday, Ria!

It was a party day at school today with card making and tracing work for Ria which started last evening. We of course indulged in our tradition of baking a cake/cupcakes together. This time the choice made was a yellow cake topped with chocolate chips. It was fun to celebrate together with the family and the extended family.

When the birthday cupcakes were shared with the birthday family, the remaining kids quickly checked if there were enough for them to take too since they baked the cakes :) Kids are very sharp regarding the things that impact them or they associate with.

From one birthday to another. I am sure that the birthday song will be sung for a few days. Raisa’s birthday is coming up and already being looked forward to. Unlike the 2 year old birthday, the 4-year old birthday and onwards become increasingly child-led :) 

They grow too fast so let’s make sure we keep enjoying these youngest years to the fullest.

On a side note, you may notice the picture of the big bird we saw today...I think it was a turkey. At least it looked like one to me.  A child also detected an ant colony which fascinated all of them...they saw how busy the ants were. We made sure to observe safely and quietly so as to minimize disturbing them. The troop was all made to stop to be quiet and observe a tiny bug. I am glad the kids are observing life around them and being respectful of it too.

Until tomorrow...one never knows what we see next :)







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