Teacher Vrinda, will we have tomatoes tomorrow?

Yes, we will eat tomotoes tomorrow and no, the tomato plants will not have tomatoes tomorrow. We wish they grew like Jack’s Beanstalk :) The tomatoes were planted today evening and watered. It will be fun to track their growth, flowering and fruiting in time. Kids are quite excited and had questions about them:

Do they talk? - No but you can talk to them.

How fast will they grow? - Will take them 2 months but we will start to see flowers, green tomatoes and then they will turn red at the end.

Can we see them? Yes, everyday if you would like. We have to water them to grow.


It will be a busy day with my mentor Michele visiting until noon, cake making for our evening birthday celebration and then the run to class! Michele is the Director at the Champions After-School program in Sandpiper Elementary School where I am working towards completing my practical training hours.

See you all tomorrow.






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