Agile and Avid

Children in preschool environments get their first exposure to a new place, friends, rules, learning boundaries, materials, organization, a ‘Teacher’ figure and so much more. As a first experience, I do feel that preschool should feel like a home and just like the children are comfortable with their parents, they should feel comfortable and secure in their preschool environment and caregivers to be themselves, to ask, speak their minds and not have to hesitate. I enjoy seeing this everyday in the children here and I always strive to ensure that it stays so.

While Teacher Vrinda was excited about planting today, the children were more excited at the thought of a Blue Park trip. They finished snack quickly and got ready. The bikers decided they would walk the distance and it was a fun walk with continuous game of ‘Run Run Run’ and ‘Freeze’. On the way back, Kenzie started to figure the game out a little too. Planting will wait until the children are ready for it or the weekend :) One needs to be agile and willing to change course.

The sleepers slept fitfully after a full meal. All the preschoolers can comfortably indicate how much their plate should be filled with each item and then work diligently to finish it all. They take seconds as desired. Our toddlers are learning this slowly. They will get there too. The children know Teacher Vrinda listens as long as they are effortful and make good choices. Being the smart creatures that they are, the good choices that they make are not surprising at all.

Until tomorrow. Raisa will join us a little earlier for outdoor time. Ria returns too. On Wednesday, we will have my practical training mentor (Michele) with us between 8:30 am to 12:00 pm unless something changes. I will let the children know about the new visitor tomorrow.






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