Let’s Skate and Play

The day started with 3 kids on the breakfast table eating while two were going around the rug and then the green table pretending to skate. Given Teacher Vrinda loves to skate, she brought her rollerblades to show the children. Later in the day, a skating demo was done in class and many got excited to learn. If the kids get interested and bring rollerskates, they can start to learn during outdoor time. Teacher Vrinda would love to share the joy of skating :) The skill translates with some adjustment to ice skating and skiing too.

Among other highlights was playing with the new alphabet cutouts and identifying body parts with that sound. There was much talk of ‘k’idneys, the pee pee ‘b’ladder and how it expands/shrinks like a balloon. Lots of water is what kidneys like. We kept revisiting the status of our pee pee bladder during the course of the day. We will continue the game with the rest of the sounds, our bodies and human body book.

As you will see in the video, CPK and Ria featured in the outdoor plays today. I am sure she is enjoying additional time away with family. Next week, Teacher Nani and Aria will also be enjoying vacation time. Ria’s Birthday is coming up next week too...the birthday song was being practiced today.

Play, play and more play...there is no end to playing or learning. The day always falls short.

See you all tomorrow.







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