Ahoy April!

Welcome back from the mini spring break. The preschoolers were full of stories of their adventures and all the fun they had. Teacher Vrinda and Teacher Uma had a busy weekend. The classroom toys et al were all cleaned, 14 hours of practical training time was gathered, we have another driver to be in the house (Avi) with a learner’s permit while one (Vidur) took off for a 10-day school trip. Teacher Vrinda and Uma were both glad to have the kids back...the home felt too quiet without the battalion...2 kids are not enough :)

The significant news today besides the unfortunate shooting incident at YouTube headquarters was that we had a surprise visit by the licensing analyst in the morning just a little after 9:00 am. He reviewed that all existing requirements were being met, took roll of the children and reviewed alterations for increased capacity. The front door usage has been cleared by both Fire and Licensing Department as the primary entrance/exit. Between them, they will determine if the back sliding door or the garage door will be the secondary emergency exit. Space-wise, both cleared the existing space for 14 kids. No further visits are anticipated and no issues were raised in the current one as shared in the site visit notice below. I will keep you all informed if any hiccups or the new license is received. I know not to count the chicken until they hatch.

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