Spring is here!

What a warm day...it feels more like summer today! Well, per our count, we had 12 sunny days and 9 cloudy/rainy days in March. When we meet next, March would have cycled out and April would have cycled in.

Today was spent with having fun with eggs and then making fun bunny head bands later in the day. Enjoy captures of our egg nests and the proud egg seekers. 

If you are wondering why eggs and bunnies, eggs are a symbol of birth, fertility and resurrection. Eggs have been decorated in various cultures. Bunnies give large litters and thus they have been associated similarly with new beginnings. Spring and the March equinox marks the new beginning for so many cultures as we have learnt through Feb/March. Easter Lily/spring bulbs always amaze me. Dormant most of the year, they come back year after year to flower and remind us of continuity, beauty and life.

Soak in some family time, celebrate spring and I look forward to seeing everybody on Tuesday! Try not to get fooled on April 1st :)







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