Cheers to our green helpers!

It is a pleasure to be part of our community especially as we take strides of ownership and responsibility. The children as of today are not only helping everyday but have also started to put their names up on the board for duties (preschoolers). Preschoolers come by to check their name, try to read the job phonetically or read the names on the towel pockets to determine whose towel pocket it is.  They are remembering to use their towels and like them better than paper. Teacher Vrinda is happy with our green score improvement and most of all for her thoughtful classroom.

The favorite times are meal table times where conversations have a way of just carrying on. Today I was told, ‘Teacher Vrinda, you can’t talk to us...we have not finished eating!’.

Until tomorrow. 

Reminder that this is a long weekend with Friday and Monday off. Enjoy some family time while Teacher Vrinda catches up on 16 more training hours! Looking forward to touching 96 hours...1 more month to go.






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