Mommy Aria, Daddy Alexandra and the Baby

Isn’t this a familiar scene...the baby is giving mommy and daddy a run :) Playacting continues...picks from the day. Vani: I have to cook. Yoghurt Powder is mixed with milk to make yoghurt. (almost right!) Avni: I am making chocolate cake today (always baking to party!) Alexandra: I am at work (yup...playing is hard work) Aria: Grandparents are here for the baby. We need to work (yup that does happen sometimes) Kenzie: I want to catch (pointing to Aria/Alexandra...Kenzie enjoyed running after and capturing Aria-Alexandra with Teacher Vrinda) Ria: Eat it (Teacher Vrinda being instructed on what to do with her lunch plate) Children are rule based, pick up patterns, create and update schemas constantly. They will repeat and vocalize often as they pick patterns to form their rules, ask questions when we deviate to clarify the deviations. The toddlers are making their associations very rapidly while the preschoolers vocalize reasonings and observations all the time to develop their logic. This is why we as key figures around them need to make sure that we model so they develop the schemas and rules we wish. They are smart transmittters that decode, recode, record and repeat signals. Do unto them as you wish them to do unto you :)

Forever learning...






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