Socio-dramatic Play

It is typical for preschoolers especially as they approach 4 years of age to indulge significantly in socio-dramatic play. Through this they learn to play together, create scenarios, apply learnt rules and also work out their fears. I do see our preschoolers indulging in it increasingly.

The day started with a party and getting presents. Puzzle boxes were brought on the table to pack and some were making packing motions. Newspaper and old tissue boxes was the activity we set up so we could truly work on learning to pack presents with tape. This was enjoyed by half the crew and the other half looked on and played with the presents after. 

Outdoor time was spent pretending the ride to school, parents going to work, being moms and dads. I was amused hearing a comment ‘Dad cannot drop to school...he is at work in the morning!’. There was agreement on the comment by few others :)

In the evening the classroom saw a zoo created complete with people visiting the animals. We put our water animals together and the land animals were roaming around.

All in all, a fun day and much learning via play.

See you tomorrow.






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