Being Green - Request for Washcloths

Overall, we are quite green since we eat family style, wash our utensils, use cups/bottles etc unlike programs where there is use of boxed lunches and disposable wear. It is so easy to just use disposable things but I do believe it is important to put in the effort to reduce our use of plastic and paper products. 

The constant use of paper towels to dry hands all day is the one biggest paper usage that I would very much like to reduce/remove. Towards that effort, I would like to move towards using washcloths to wipe hands as we do at home and have kids keep their washcloth in the little pocket cubbies created for this purpose. The kids seem to be excited to bring their washcloths and I am sure there will be fun in using ‘my washcloth’. If you can send in a few clean ones in a bag, we can start to use them. A ziploc bag can be used to contain those that need to be cleaned to take home. I appreciate your help and support in this green initiative. Paper towels will be there as backup but overall, I do hope to improve our green score!

Have a wonderful weekend. Happy washcloth hunting/shopping.






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