Fire Inspection Clearance

I wanted to let you all know that the fire inspection has been cleared and the required clearance will be sent to licensing office. This is contingent on the shared plan to migrate to using the front entrance for pickup/drop off and ensure two exits are available when headcount goes over 9 children. The classroom access will change but the areas used will remain the same. The last stage of licensing department visit is awaited. As always, I shall keep you posted.

Another rainy day tomorrow and we may see thunder/lightening too. Let’s see what the day brings. It is expected to be wet most of the day. While wet today, it was a light drizzle and we were happy to play a little outdoors. The game of ‘Frozen’ was enjoyed where when the music stopped, all movement had to freeze. The person ‘frozen’ the longest won the round. For the toddlers, it is fun and a chance to mimic while for the older kids it is rule comprehension and focus development.

Till tomorrow...






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