Wet Spring/Upcoming Days Off

It was yet another wet day and another two are anticipated before we see some sun. As of our weather update today, we have had 6 rainy-cloudy weekdays in March and 6 sunny weekdays. Such a different pattern than winter season. We need the rains so enjoy these rainy days we must. Today the children chose to have fun with playdough and/or painting for the extra indoor time. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. I wanted to let you know that the website calendar reflects the upcoming flex days off for training and the holidays including summer break (https://www.avidkidscircle.com/calendar). I am sharing the dates here too. 1. Next weekend is a long one from Good Friday to Easter Monday (Fri, Mar 30 - Mon, Apr 2). I will be spending both these at Champions for practicum training. 2. Mon, Apr 23 is another flex day for practicum training. 3. I had shared May 2 as another potential day off. I am hoping I would not have to take that off for practical training and instead I have set up Fri, Jun 8 as a flex day off. Vidur our younger son will be graduating that Friday which is a significant ceremony given it completes his K-8 journey at Bowman School. 4. Summer Break is set up for Mon, Jun 25 - Fri, Jul 6. Please make a note of this one given it is out long break. I always set it up for the July 4th week and the week prior or after. Hoping this break works for all/most. Please reach out if not.







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