Learning Pearls

I wonder if you noticed the learning pearl I am referring to in the playful video yesterday. The children were running around and then they stopped, one said that we can’t leave our little ones behind and then the toddlers playing catch up got into the circle. The play continued on about taking the toddlers shopping and walking with them. I just enjoyed seeing it unfold and it heartened me to hear them all listen and most of all the inclusive thought. The trip to the park was very much enjoyed after all the rainy days.

The children teach each other and I remind them that we are all teachers, to share what they know and also correct when needed. They comfortably tell each other if one kicks the other while on a table or ask for things back rather than need intervention. It is important for them to self police but then know that they can always reach out if needed.

In addition to leading calendar, we have also started to assign a person to lay the snack or lunch mats and utensils or the sleeping mats. They enjoy performing these responsibilities. When they all come in, we put up the responsibilities together. Our toddlers are also very capable and will be added into table laying responsibilities.

The learning journey continues.







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