Wear Green, Visitor Update

Tomorrow we will enjoy St Patrick’s Day a day earlier with some green wear, green eats and make some more symbols. We will share green accessories for those who are missing them.

If you are wondering on the outcome of the Deputy Fire Marshall Jamie Lee’s visit today, overall it went very well. He commented that the children were playing well and socialization like this is positive. Given the children had already been introduced to the new fire alarm, smoke alarm, exit signs and briefed about the visit at group time, they were comfortable with the visit activities. They ate their snack and played happily while the visit lasted. The classroom area  by square footage was cleared for the desired and maximum possible headcount of 14. All required signs, alarms, safety devices were inspected and cleared too. The only requirement remaining is to use the front door for entry/exit rather than the current entry/exit for which I need to work with licensing department. I was anticipating this and have some thoughts that I am bouncing around. As I finalize, I will seek inputs as needed and of course share updates. This is a journey to triangulate with Planning, Fire and Licensing Departments each of which can sometimes not be aligned. In the end, the intent of all including the care providers is the safety, security and well being of our children. Operating from that standpoint, as always, I believe in transparency and working collaboratively on the solutions.

Until tomorrow. The capture below was made while the Fire Marshall’s visit was in progress.







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