St Patrick’s Day Fun

Much fun was had today. 

It started with a new sound/letter activity introduced on soft cloth letter mats that I designed during the December break in India and received recently. We had so much fun playing with them as you will notice in the video captures.

Putting the magnets together on our magnetic board (picturized above) was another fun activity. Leprechauns are Irish fairy shoemakers who hide their money in a pot of on gold at the end of the rainbow. That was the story behind the magnets. The leaves are called shamrocks which are 3-leaf clovers.

The children in the last few days and today made their pot of gold, leprechaun, shamrocks and 4-leaf clovers. We decorated hairbands with green shamrocks where possible so we had some green on us today.

Outdoor was just amazing. Check out the capture of a clear day from the lookout point where one can see SF buildings and Bay Bridge too. These were pointed out to the kids while there.

The menu was altered and we tried new ‘green’ foods which are Irish staples like Oatmeal in this case with candied green cherries, sautéed cabbage, spinach mashed potatoes and cilantro scrambled egg. Each child found something they loved and some liked it all. I am glad they are all adventurous and ‘try’ which is our motto. Use the word ‘try’ with them at home too just like they do at school.

Have a wonderful weekend. See you all on Monday.






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