Musical Pillars, Furry Friend

Even though the day had grey, drizzly moments, we ventured out for the fresh air, stretch and running around. We felt some raindrops, watched it rain, heard a sea gull’s continuous call which resulted in another one joining her and we also enjoyed some puddle jumping. What is the point of rain if one does not feel it and experience it :) The Gazebo Pillars became game spots, a variation of musical chairs emerged. Our oldest naturally could figure the rules and youngest just had fun chasing them.

St. Patrick’s Day talk continues and we are having fun making a clover, our own interpretation of leprechaun and other related symbols/characters. While one can wear green any day, the plan is to wear it this Friday for a small school party.

The rain brought out a furry friend to the school backyard. Spy him if you can below.

Until tomorrow!






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