March Madness

I hear a lot of March Madness talk. I could not agree more.

March Madness is all about getting over Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year to welcome Spring, Holi, St Patricks’s Day, Navroz and Easter! The talk of St Patrick’s Day kicked in this week with a look at Ireland on our world map and also the association of green with the festival. The children have a task of looking for something ‘green’ to wear should they choose. We will also start to look at the other characters like rainbows, pot of gold, leprechauns and clover leaf. Children relate with stories and characters. 

March Madness is certainly on. The weather this year is just adding another dimension to ot. To see a perfectly sunny day turn into cloudy and then rainy was something. Spring skiing is on with 7ft of new snow. Debating if I want to chase that snow in green this Saturday :) 

Until tomorrow. Glad we enjoyed the sunny sand park day when we could.






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