An Outdoor Friend

Today we got to see a snail in action while playing and clearing sticks in the tree park. He took a liking to our stick pile and the children observed him crawling away. We brought him to the classroom since the kids were so taken with him and his stick walking. We kept him contained to a box which I then left out. I figured it’s best to leave him out in its habitat. It was fun to study it. As always, we wash our hands well after our outdoor time.

Collecting and piling twigs was enjoyed as was running around and playing in the tree park aside from snail watching.

Other than that, the highlight was the 100-piece pirate puzzle completed over a span of 4 days by Aria with some help from all. The puzzle is now of interest to all the preschoolers. While daunted initially by the many pieces, the learning was in sorting pieces by colors and then working on parts of the puzzle slowly. Looking forward to seeing it reattempted!

Our toddlers continue to be quick learners. They are constantly absorbing and assimilating. The talking, singing and interactions are steadily increasing.

Until tomorrow. 






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