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Hope you saw these pictures of the real bird’s nest that we found in the tree park yesterday. We checked it out again today on our way to the sand park. I am planning to give it a soapy bath and then give it a home in our classroom. I want the kids to see how well birds make nests that can survive baths and rain. Seeing a ship was also really cool too as it made its way on the bay yesterday. That is not so common. The children enjoyed watching it go. We are blessed to have the ability to watch life sitting inside and outside too.

Today at the sand park, some red berries, sticks and cherry blossom flowers put the kids in party mode.

When asked what we celebrated yesterday some said Holi while some correctly recalled celebrating Chinese New Year. Watching a Lion Dance was very much enjoyed and the story of Nian will be another one added into our reading repertoire.

Speaking of Holi, this weekend Foster City is hosting the Holi celebration. If there is a quorum, it would be fun to take all the kids so they can experience it together. Teacher Vrinda and Uma would love to join in and play with the kids. May be worth it to go early when there is lesser crowds. There is an option to eat there or head back for lunch. Here is a link about it:


Children would enjoy a real Lion Dance and eats too as they get older next year. Parking is always the issue downtown but it’s amazing how much happens around us and is there to avail.


Before we know it, it will be time for Easter and the Egg Hunt!

See you tomorrow.







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