Living in multi-ethnic Bay Area one realizes both our ethnic diversity and unity. I have always enjoyed cultural festivals, ones I grew up with and those learnt from living here. I feel across festivals, the unifying messages are starting anew, family unity, community, warding off evil, shared special meals, greetings and most of all the love for each other, humanity and nourishment of our bodies and soul. 

We celebrated Valentines Day and then the spring festival of Holi. In the interest of spacing out but not missing, tomorrow we will celebrate another festival which is a little belated but one I would like our children to be aware of. It is the Chinese New Year. It is celebrated over 2 weeks and the celebrations spanned Feb 16- Mar 2. Further into March, we will celebrate another new year called Navrooz/Nauroz celebrated by Persians and many other ethnicities with Persian links for example Zoroastrians and Kashmiris in India. It is amazing to see these old linkages still alive in families! This is what makes these celebrations so much more special. They are symbols of unity in diversity. 

Looking forward to sharing these festivals with the children with activities and food. Children sure love celebrations.







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