A Sight To Hold!

We saw a complete rainbow arc from our classroom this evening. What a beautiful sight it was...the picture taken does not do justice. While the weather has been testy, the beautiful rainbow today sure made the day.

Stepping outdoor even if for a shorter duration on foot and wheels was very much enjoyed as you can gather from the little singing video. The parks were wet but bubbles play and loop walk were another highlight in the day. We will play more with bubbles again on a sunnier day.

Rainbow peg play always draws all ages. While the video shows three kids, it started with 1 and ended with all 6 in peels of laughter trying to get the pegs to stand tall which they would not.

While February felt like a spring month, march thus far has been winter-like! Hope once we collect enough water, the sunny days return.

On that wishful note, have a good weekend. See you on Monday.







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