Welcome Spring!

It was fun to welcome spring today. While constrained by weather, we welcomed spring on our calendar, with colors and with festival foods. We spared on sugar given much was consumed over yesterday’s birthday celebration.

May spring bring us respite from flu, lots of sunshine though we do need the rain too and most of all continued happiness. Some await their spring birthdays and Teacher Vrinda just continues to cross the seasons joyfully with the support of all families, mine included :)

Teacher Vasu bid goodbyes to the kids post lunch. Kids this age move on and live in the present. It is something they remind me to always remember. As we grow, many of us loose this ability. We need to spend some time with a young child to rekindle it. I was asking one today if they remember they did not like eating something. The answer as expected was ‘no, I like it!’. Just know this is the developmental stage and enjoy it. Before you know it, these amazing years will be past memories!

Hope you enjoy the art project today as much as the children enjoyed doing it. Cheers!







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