Happy Birthday, Aria!

Congratulations on reaching the 4th Milestone to Aria and her Family from all of us here at Avid Kids Circle. She enjoyed dressing up for the occasion, making the cake, running around with her friends and celebrating. The independence level is leaping. The children will not recall these years as they get older but I do hope they remember to eat well, exercise, pay attention and care for their work, make friends and most of all laugh and enjoy each day. May they always be surrounded by their family, friends, good teachers and lots of love.

Tomorrow is a special day. We said goodbye with much fun to February and winter. We will welcome March and also spring season. It also happens to be Holi tomorrow, the Indian Festival of Colors and Spring. While we will not do full Holi playing at school tomorrow, if parents are fine with it and kids would like to, they can put a color dot on each other when they are leaving. If weather permits, we will blow and play with some bubbles also to welcome spring.

Until tomorrow!







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