Snow Day!

What a treat it was to wake up this morning to see snow on Mount Diablo, a very rare snow day on Bay Area peaks!

The children came in and each was delighted and excited by the sight. Snow Day is what we celebrated today. We had a relaxed, joyful, playful morning looking at the white Mount Diablo all day untill the snow melted by afternoon and made it the usual brown again. Children enjoyed cutting, puzzles, singing, walking and making rain water footsteps since we did not have the luxury of walking in snow. They also realized that snow melts and the transformed white mountain becomes the same once our case all in a day!

We also had laundry day. Avni-Vani helped load the the washed laundry in the dryer early in the morning and when others arrived, we all helped fold and put away rest mats, dining mats and play rugs. The older preschoolers also learnt how to read the number of minutes left in the drying cycle...recognizing and counting down numbers. Math and reading is all around us as are motor skills. Do have them help at home in these little chores. They all do love doing one is a ‘free loader’ here :)

Enjoy the captures of the kids outdoors where they loved seeing the white peaks. Take them to Tahoe sometime so they can see it for real. Being a skiier, I am very partial to snow! Some day when they all cross 4 years of age, I wish I could just have a few preschool days in Tahoe with them on the that would be something!

On that wishful note, see you all tomorrow. Tomorrow is special since our oldest preschooler turns 4! We will be baking a cake in the morning as is our tradition and cutting it in the afternoon at 3:30 pm along with the family.






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