Much Action...

While we spent a day indoors, there was much action throughout the day barring nap time where the actors were renewing their energy for the next plays.

The highlights included playdough time and physical measurements for height and weight. Do swing into the classroom should you wish to see our physical chart if you have not already done so. The toddlers are actively learning play dough possibilities from the older peers.

Some updates for all:

1. This week evening Practicum is Mon/Tues/Wed. Tues/Wed will be from 4:00 - 5:45 pm as scheduled due to mutual constraints.   By this week, I will be nearly 1/3rd done and I need to gain the next 1/3rd steadily. Remaining 1/3rd will be gained via the professional days scheduled.

2. It is nearly time for us to say bye to Teacher Vasu. She departs on Thursday afternoon. We hope her work brings her back in August/September. Children are already comfortable with Teacher Uma/Uma Nani and so is she with the full daily schedule. When I am out from next week, Teacher Uma and while all kids are there even Teacher Nani will together ensure all kids are playing, safe and secure. 

3. In case you are wondering about the license capacity increase process, it is currently awaiting RWC Fire Department clearance. Some regulations there have changed so I am waiting updates and chasing that too.

As always, while I am always thinking of all aspects, please do not hesitate to reach out for any clarification.

See you all tomorrow.






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