Cold Day Indoor Play

Given we came in early from outdoor play, the children ate their lunch early too. They got out their mats for some hopping, lazing and reading together. Kenzie had a few minutes to absorb this altered classroom scene. She was curious. The children soon snuggled in for rest. There was more merriment post nap and snack. Enjoy that capture in the album.

The kids got to spend more time with Teacher Uma/Teacher Nani 2/Uma Nani. Nani in Hindi means grandma. They are all interacting and the preschoolers as usual have many questions and thoughts to share. They have another audience. Mom is very impressed with how independent and capable they are for their age when compared to their peers she has experience with in India. Culture and environment make a tremendous differnence in our outlook and capabilities. Children are very capable, perceptive and given the opportunities, they can demonstrate a lot. I am glad to see so many positive interactions. Thank you for trusting that kids will always come first in my thoughts. I switch many lens but all with the intent to ensure children feel loved, cherished, guided and capable through their interactions.

Have a wonderful weekend. See you all on Monday.






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