Heart People

This was the morning painting fun for the kids...making heart people. I am glad the children are learning to trust and broaden their circle of adults/teachers. What happened today morning is something to slowly drill on. I was very heartened that most kids handled the switch in their stride and are comfortable in the classroom and with the other teachers/adults. Just like children have become used to being independent in the evening, we will work with each to get comfortable in the morning. Some of it is age/growing up and some is experiences/exposure. This skill is important especially for the preschoolers who will need to handle these switches in the larger kindergarten classrooms.

Thank you all for trusting Teacher Nani and Teacher Vasu to ensure kids will be comfortably looked after and engaged. It isn’t easy to walk away from an upset child but there is learning in these separations and new associations/relationships that slowly develop. Each of us becomes comfortable in time and through our experiences. At my end, like today, I will ensure details are shared, updates are sent and parents are kept in the loop.

Time for fun Friday tomorrow! Our body measurements are due and that is the plan for tomorrow.







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