Run, Run, Run...Game of Tag

The highlight today was playing tag, trying to understand the simple rule of tagging somebody and then counting and running to tag another person once tagged. Enjoy a small capture of attempting to tag Teacher Vasu. We all ended up getting tagged and in turn tagging others. The toddlers paired with one of us teachers got to try and tag too. The children as they are growing older can understand rules based play. We do talk about staying safe and being mindful of each other especially the younger ones. 

Stretching was also done and every time children come up with new stretches to test Teacher Vrinda :) They love to create new routines. Many of us could not match the ‘splits’ shown by 2 kids today but we could do the ‘lunge’ shown. I love to see them get excited about stretches and to sow these seeds of healthy diet and fitness at their young ages.

Making sandwiches is always enjoyed. Today, the toddlers also ate the sandwich components and one especially ensured her sandwich was like the others :)

Peer impact always plays a role no matter the age. The attempt is to use it constructively towards improving all circle members across nutrition, outdoors, social, physical and so so many other dimensions at play.

The children met my mom briefly today. The key immunizations were all clear for both parents. I am waiting to clear few more items. As always, the children are inquisitive about who is in their ‘school home’ territory. Mom was very impressed in the small encounter with their eating and general independence at the young ages.

See you all tomorrow!






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