A Restful Long Weekend

It looks like everybody had a restful long weekend. The children certainly enjoyed the little break and were happy to be back at school. They gravitated to the activities they enjoy. When it came to outdoor time, there was a unanimous request to visit the Sand Park which we did. Food was eaten with relish and extra rest was enjoyed by most likely due to heightened weekend activities.

It was a busy 3-day weekend. We took a little time to celebrate our 16 year old and having the larger family. My parents have reached and are working on getting off the jet lag. Their fingerprints have been submitted and TB test came through clear. I am awaiting their immunization test results and once those are updated as needed, I will introduce them to the larger family.

Heads up that tomorrow evening I have my class from 4:00-6:40 pm. I will leave by 4:15 pm and Vasu will substitute as usual.

See you all tomorrow.







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