A Circle of Hearts

Today is a special day for me. 1 year ago on this day, I stood in an empty classroom created and approved by the licensing officer’s visit to be a Small Family Child Care home. It is first of many anniversaries that this year will unfold but a key one...the license anniversary. I recall thinking to myself, so I managed to come this far, now what? I have a license but how do I tell parents I am here to serve children? Will people let me? Here we are fast forward to 1 year on the same date. We are at capacity, I am taking the few remaining ECE units especially the Practicum and I am working to increase the capacity. I cherished the sounds and activities in the classroom and outside just a little more today.

I am fortunate to be supported by my family in this journey. You see my boys, they help me daily. You have met my sister Vasudha and I’m grateful for her time, inputs and help. Tomorrow the home will be adding 2 adults, my parents. You will meet them over the next week. As was the case with Vasu, I will be making sure my parents are known to licensing, finger printed, TB tested, immunization cleared and CPR cleared. This is part of being a Child Care home and you can be rest assured that all the boxes will be checked so they can interact with the children safely and securely. Over time, our families will be known and to me, that is a positive. We are a community.

I dream everyday of the things yet to do and am thankful for the faith entrusted. From my end, I will continue to do my best to create experiences and collaborate in what I call ‘Human Programming and Development’ aka ‘Education’. To me, no matter where in the world and no matter the age of the teacher or student, it should be the most highly paid profession for those truly interested, continually invested and who meet a high bar. In this developed nation too though I have realized that it remains an undervalued profession where the bar needs to be raised both in pay and expected returns.

I am glad to be surrounded by my family, all of you and most of all the children as we reach the  1st License Anniversary! I hope we as a community never have to live to see what happened in Florida yesterday. It is deeply saddening but the practical me has to remember to ensure that we stay vigilant, stay safe and realize that this incident is meteoric. I do wish though that while each is entitled to their freedom, it should not come at the expense of others.

The creative art work today was Teacher Nani’s morning thought for an activity. We wanted to surprise her and all of you by completing it. The older children enjoyed cutting their hearts and gluing real flowers while the younger ones enjoyed gluing the flowers. I enjoyed putting them together to form a circle of hearts...that is us! 

Have a wonderful 4-day weekend. I look forward to seeing the crew on Tuesday.







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