Happy Valentine’s Day

We had a fun day at school together and wish the same for you this evening. I hope the cupcakes brought the family together as they did all of us when we baked them. Being health conscious and reinforcing good choices, we skipped the frosting. I use cake mixes for the simplicity they offer when working with this age and mixes do not require butter...yeah for that. 

Children also enjoyed making their bookmarks and art work. Each child is always thinking about their family while with friends. The older kids took time to reflect, think about their family as they learnt about Valentine’s Day.

As we set first experiences for children in this young child environment, I feel it is important to make them celebrate effortfully and with thought. There were many hugs shared between children and even the young ones are realizing that they are all friends. I love to see the sense of kinship and I reinforce their bonds with each of you along with the ones they are creating here.

With that, have a wonderful evening. Share an old memory, story or song with the kids! See you all tomorrow.

Reminder, Friday and Monday is off making this a 4-day weekend. The timing is perfect. Children will enjoy the extra time with you.







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