Upcoming Valentine’s Day

The logical adult me sees the the day as the Hallmark commercial day. It is daily efforts that count and doing something special on one day does not equate to daily thought. That is my adult reasoning.

Now at the level of a young child, if there is a reason to celebrate, let’s celebrate! What does one have to do to celebrate? Here at Avid Kids Circle, I would like children to be aware of these special days but remind them that every day can be a Valentines Day. The reasoning is very familiar to them given they like to celebrate birthdays everyday. The intent would be to try to jog their thought and expression and not make associations with presents or candy...think intrinsic vs extrinsic.

So what will we do? Children can pick if they would like to cook together. They also enjoyed garlanding and playing with flowers. They have the option to use cherry blossom flowers to make something. They will also have other options to make some crafts. It will be a relaxed day where they get to drive the day.

If you have a Valentine’s tradition that you want to to share, please do feel to reach out. If you don’t, maybe as parents you may want to start one that is meaningful to your family.

See you all tomorrow...roll on!







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