Fun Friday...Cherry Blossom Garland

Once in a while we chill out. Today we sat in our sideyard digging and set up the bowling rug. The cherry blossom flowers beckoned as they lay in the backyard. Teacher Vrinda collected some to garland and after 20 the children gave up on the counting and just watched as the garland got longer and must be 100 now! It was fun to just sit, chat and watch the garland grow.

We tried to set up a table to eat out but that did not go as well...Teacher Vrinda needs to practice on that.

Some cold is circulating in the classroom so keep a watch on it. Hopefully, as spring sets in March, we will say goodbye to the flu and colds.

Have a cheery weekend. See you all Monday. Reminder for next Friday being a professional day off for Practicum training. Next weekend will be a 4-day weekend with President’s Day off on Monday.






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