Leaping, Sleeping Angels

Well, we have two who have perfected their leaps and the rest are avid spectators wondering when they will be able to. As I tell them there is no hurry, we can hold hands and do the same. We talked about all of them being Avid Kids...enthusiastic, spirited and ready to try. We are a circle of hands who hold each other and enjoy together.

The outdoor time was fun especially the new discovery of backseat riding. While the shoes may take a little beating, they ride together carefully and not fast. Today, Mackenzie who is more and more fascinated with the tricycle also joined in and enjoyed sitting along with Vani while Avni slowly and surely took them around. As always, we talk about speed and safety but allow for these simple joys. The tricycle rides are being sought from Avni-Vani. Ria-Kenzie when it came time to leave the park went and sat behind on the tricycle only to realize that Teacher Vrinda and Vasu do ensure that each child walks and pillion riding is for park play.

As anticipated after a full stomach the troops went into angelic slumber.

Onto Fun Friday tomorrow!







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