Yeah, we will make sandwich

So said the older preschoolers. Each sandwich is unique since the children get their bread with mayo, tomato, lettuce, cucumber and egg on the plate. Some will eat bread and vegetables separately, some will add vegetables to their sandwich, while others variate their additions. Egg is enjoyed solo by all. As I tell them and they tell me, it is your plate, your food and your as you please but each does need to eat :) I try to think of every plate containing individual components and let them decide how they eat the contents, mix n match at will. The toddlers get some leeway but I am noting that the eating repertoire is broadening.

We continue to work on starting sounds especially through foods eaten...a-pple, b-read, c-ucumber, e-gg, l-ettuce, m-ayo, m-ilk, s-andwich, t-omato, y-oghurt were noted today. This game gets many going on other things with those starting sounds. Eventually, the game has to be paused on the table since food beckons. All the kids can sit on a table and chat away...the toddlers are learning to get their voices in too. Today, I was asked permission to talk on the table and on another occasion was told, we need to gets too quiet :)

Until tomorrow...carry on eating, chatting and laughing. Do eat together on the table as often as you can...the worst day becomes better by just sitting together.






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