‘P’ Day

It was not by design but the determination was made that today is ‘P’ Day...we were eating ‘p’izza and ‘p’epper for lunch and ‘p’ear for fruit. So instead of eating Ritz Cracker for snack, we decided to make ‘p’opcorn. All the kids are always up for popcorn and all our meals had a ‘p’ dish. See if you can make them eat something with ‘p’ too and tell them about another ‘p’ dish or a ‘p’lay or story with ‘p’.

The trip to Blue Park was very much enjoyed today since we went after a long time and the toddlers were very sporting and handled the longer walk very well. These children will certainly continue to build their stamina and our outdoors beckon us to move and explore.

Have a ‘p’eaceful evening.







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