Teacher Nani is back

Teacher Nani is back from her trip to Vietnam. At group time today she shared highlights of her trip with the children...fruits she ate, places she visited and more. We located Vietnam on the map and San Francisco and Los Angeles to see how far Teacher Nani travelled. We are glad to have her in the classroom. Do talk to her if you are planning a trip to Vietnam :)

The trip to the Sand Park was enjoyed by the children today since they went after some time and the park is new to the toddlers. We came back and scrubbed ourselves well after. Of course, you will likely find some sand on them so a shower is certainly due.

Teacher Vasu substitutes and joins amidst cheers and starts a party every time. All remained well with the troops while Teacher Vasu managed and Teacher Vrinda was asked to go ‘work’ at Champions.

We missed Alexandra today. We hope her cold feels better and she join us back.

See you all tomorrow!







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