What a day...deeply touched!

Here I was wondering if all is well...it’s past 5 pm on a Friday, all kids are ready and the parents are not here. I had no inkling of the surprise party. It truly was wonderful to celebrate another milestone crossing for me but a very very special one in this journey of creating Avid Kids Circle, getting to know each and every one of you...from the youngest to the oldest family that is part of our community.

The card asked me to make a wish. I have just one...may we always be this special community of families celebrating together surrounded by the smiles, laughter and cheer of children. Life is meant to be enjoyed. For me the enjoyment is in bringing children together, sharing with them the love for outdoors, food, constant learning, trusting, enjoying, loving and always being effortful. I wish to do Human Development for more years than I did Software Development. I love both but it was time to switch and create a little community and a ‘bigger’ home. Regardless of what we do, passion and energy is key...I hope that fountain never dries.

With that, have a wonderful weekend. Thank you so so very much for your thought today and otherwise. I am grateful for your support. Children deserve a school and teachers that are an extension of their home and family. Enjoy the captures from today...there were some amazing moments...the evening celebration was the cherry on top :)







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