Just Play...Legos

Today the legos were all taken out after a wash and children just played with them uninterrupted. A new tradition has been initiated. The last day of the month will be a ‘Just Play’ day. They enjoyed and even the toddlers joined in from time to time though as is their nature, they moved around more. The preschoolers worked on their joint and individual structures. By about an hour, they were ready for group Time. Many new Lego blocks were discovered and I noticed that some were being sought again in the evening post snack.

We also managed a nice long outdoor playtime/walk. What a beautiful day and the geese and ducks are sure around. Looking at the San Mateo Bridge along with airplanes from the various lookout points is something the kids love to do. They asked for stretches and we did some.

We are ready to say goodbye to January and hello to February. A month in 2018 is now history :)







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