Mudplay, Eats and A Party!

I missed my blog yesterday. The evening had lots going on and before I knew it, my system crashed for the night.

Yesterday’s highlight I have to say was mudplay. I hope you caught a little bit of the joy that I saw kids experience via the short video capture. The play was impromptu as is the case often. We were playing in mud and then the conversation evolved into mud needing water and so water joined in. As always, we do scrub ourselves when we get back indoors though some stains I could not fully get apologies but they were signs of a child’s unguarded enjoyment. I hope you recall the fun of playing with mud and water from your own childhood! I’m lucky my chosen work allows me to be part of a child’s zero cost simple moments...that’s what makes them priceless.

Today has its own fun moments. 

Children enjoyed playing at the Green Park. The role play today was pretending going to school, saying their byes and hello. The little ones listened and it’s good for them to hear this...reinforces that school is a place to be together with friends even though it means being away from family. 

I have been trying different samosas with kids. The verdict on today’s was that it was better than the last one though still a little spicy. I think I know these little ones to try on them next. Else one of these days, we may be making our own! I bake the samosas instead of frying. I love hearing our preschoolers urge our toddlers to try and eat everything. We have great little student coaches here.

Our day ended with mixing and making brownies followed by a dance party on some Bollywood songs. Kids being kids insisted yesterday while I was away in the evening that we need a party tomorrow...that it is Teacher Vrinda’s Birthday. Teacher Vasu apparently confirmed to them. Yes, it happens to be my birthday today and it was Vasu’s on sunday. I believe in sharing special moments and food. The children made it special by discovering the day and of course ensuring we have a party.

Until tomorrow. I love this pic from today....dancing to “Where’s the party tonight” :)






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