Yeah, Weekend!

Even though it means reading 2 textbooks, attending 9:00 am - 3:00 pm saturday class and keeping up with assignments, it is also time with my boys who more and more like to remind me they are not little kids :) Where did those years fly away and continue to. Looking back, I can only say don’t be pragmatic about waiting to take trips or do things when chikdren get it now and make lots of memories.

High school as I am learning gets demanding on the adolescents and will fly away. When I started to conceive this program, my older son started grade 9 and we are now in the second half of grade 10, college prep is looming and the conversations have started at school :( I am still not ready to see 16 candles get blown away in a few days...sadly no choice...can’t freeze time. Even our younger one is headed into grade 9 this fall.

With that, I say have a wonderful weekend, do something fun and I look forward to seeing my crew healthy and smiling on Monday morning. We have a sunny week coming which means park time. Kids have been asking for a Blue Park trip...they want Ria and Kenzie to see it. Hoping for that next week.

Below is a capture of the jumpers and their audience and some in coaching with Vasu. We are ever ready to create ‘fun’ though responsibly. Well, what can you expect when one goes out after reading about animals that can hop, leap and jump :)






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