A Rainbow Day...

Photo credits to Jayden (Aria’s brother). This was visible in the evening today.

My morning also started with the capture of a partial rainbow viewed from the Seabrook Lookout point. The pictures never do justice to really viewing it.

At group time today morning, I asked the children if they had seen the morning rainbow. I shared that sometimes when water droplets in the air get sunlight, the light makes a rainbow. Most had not seen and said they have not seen a real rainbow.  I hope we can catch another this season that I can have the kids view.

Much fun was had today as you will notice from the captures. Teacher Vasu and kids continue to bond especially in the afternoons or around lunch time. Mornings I do enjoy the classroom hum especially as one toddler is fully settled and Kenzie is also beginning to get our class routines.

The sweetest today was when we sung our own composition (Nothing to be angry, nothing to be sad. Nothing to be worried, nothing to be mad. Nothing to be shocked and nothing to be blue. We are all together and we love you!). Our toddlers did some of the actions and knew when to lift and hold hands to form our circle of hands/trust. They all love to sing and listen to this everyday along with the related emotion faces that are part of our calendar updates. Moments like these just make one smile at these little human processors.

Have a wonderful day...hope some of you sighted the beautiful rainbow. See you all tomorrow!







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