Sideyard Bowling Alley

Our makeshift bowling alley certainly got the kids excited especially the older ones. The younger ones enjoyed standing in between the pins and the players or getting more balls to roll from the bin. 

Creating the bed of new soil was another activity that had kids excitedly working their shovels to flatten the beds, fill buckets with soil and empty again. As always, we wash our hands well when we get back in.

The other absolutely animated time was playing with whistles/recorders/flutes and trying to mimic sounds or learn to stop when directed to.

The afternoon weather certainly had all kids resting longer. I needed to stop the music, raise the blinds to wake the troops at 3:30 pm. Who would not want to stay snuggled in given rainy weather!

Rain is anticipated again tomorrow. Let’s see if we are able to step outdoors or we would need to stay in. Warm clothing layers and rain jackets please.

See you all tomorrow.






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