Feel Better, Alexandra!

Wishing for Alexandra to get better soon...we all miss you.

We also missed Raisa today. She is enjoying family time.

It was a sunnier day today and what a lovely loop walk we had. As of yesterday our area is seeing a significant jump in the variety of ducks, cranes, herons and other birds. The geese are back too. The children across yesterday and today noted the increased bird life they are seeing. We also noted many wild mushrooms in the grass courtesy recent rains. Children could watch the mushrooms but not touch them or step on them since they are living and because all mushrooms are not edible.

Our toddlers are teaching us and learning from us. They are teaching us that a classroom can have students that require more aid and how to accommodate and handle that. There is learning like request queuing, learning to not get distracted by all that is going on. They are also teaching us that we are constantly learning and improving. Today Ria from her pointing at people and hearing their names said ‘Aa’ for Avni, ‘Va’ for Vani and ‘Aria’...she got peals of laughter and smiles and so played the pointing game again. Meal times are always full of chatter. Kenzie likes to vocalize ‘play’ or ‘outside’. Connect 4 spans all age groups.

Teacher Vasu is becoming a known vs a stranger. More on that in another share.

See you all tomorrow. Stay warm...I came back from a Carlmont High School forum for parents this evening...brrr...it was cold!!







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