Friends, get better soon!

Today was an usual day. We had 2 students who stayed at home to recover from temperature noted over the weekend. From the update, it looks like the day spent at home recuperating helped and they are clear to return. We appreciate the thoughtful retention to watch and ensure children are fully recovered to return to school. Another child went home today earlier also due to above normal temperature and tiredness. We hope that she recovers with rest and can return soon too.

This season the flu is certainly an infectious strain and defying the flu shots. Please eat well, rest and keep your immunity up. As always, here we do make sure children are eating well and exercise since a well fed and physically active child will be stronger and in the long run build a stronger immunity and body. A lot of effort is placed on nutrition, meals and walks/exercises for this reason.

We wondered about our friends as we went about the day. Looking forward to more children tomorrow and back to full strength again. Take care all.






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