1. Mackenzie had a full morning today in the classroom. She starts as a part time morning student from next week. Please do welcome/meet/greet Samira (mom) and Pedram (dad) during drop offs/pickups. I am sure the children will become well acquainted over time.

2. As shared in notes, we executed a first fire drill in the classroom today. The older children asked questions and all cooperated. We clarified this is a pretend fire.

3. Another reminder/heads up to the addition of an adult (my sister) into our household this Sunday. As required, she will be submitting her fingerprints for DOJ/CACI clearances to reside in the household. She will also have the immunization clearances to volunteer in my presence. To substitute, additional clearances will be taken but more than clearances, all of us, I included, needs to see positive interactions and comfort. My ears are open to suggestions. I take my responsibility seriously and execute thinking as a teacher, director, parent and child.

4. Teacher Nani had a preset vacation. She will be on vacation for 2 weeks (Mon, Jan 22 - Fri, Feb 2). We will miss her energetic presence and wish her happy travels.

5. I meet with my mentor over next week and will co-evaluate feasibility of the required practicum training. I will keep you posted if we can scope the hours or alignment is not feasible.

6. The licensing capacity increase application was submittted today morning. I will wait for the acknowledgement and next steps. As always, the home is visited with no notice. I will keep you informed of any visits. It is a long process.

Have a wonderful weekend. We are all together for this cherished group! We have missed Raisa over the last 2 days and look forward to her return next week.







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