Thank you!

To each of you parents, thank you so very much for giving the extra time needed to get to the Practicum theory class. While late by an hour, I was in time for the meat and potatoes part of the introductory session. The good news is that at the Professor is on board with me figuring out the 96 hours of practical training programming with Melissa McLaughlin. She is the Director of the local Champions Preschool and After-school Program at Sandpiper Elementary. In my interest to find a training site that is local to minimize my commute and time away, I connected with Melissa last week fortuitously. My next steps are to meet with her and finalize structuring 6 hrs per week of training time until May. I will keep you posted on the finalized schedule.

It was a good day and our newest toddler settled  and spent a longer day today. Tomorrow she will spend a near full day including lunch time. Today was the first day that both Ria and Kenzie (shorter nickname) enthusiastically joined in and tried to mimic our stretches and their little attempts to hop, rotate side to side and many other were so very dear to watch. All of us older beings loved seeing their attempts to follow. Hope you enjoyed watching the little video captures made.

See you all tomorrow!






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