Much action and activity

So much is in the works keeping Teacher Vrinda busy!

1. Mackenzie started her visits today. While in class for 1 hour, she did well for day 1. As with every child, she missed her mom. Between the children, I and Teacher Nani, she settled and the popcorn sure was consumed quickly at the table. She and her mom joined us outdoors today even in our stretches which was fun. Mackenzie like every one of our children enjoyed outdoor time at the play structure. She will be with us from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm tomorrow.

2. A teacher friend of mine, Ranjini, visited our school today to determine if this environment would interest her in the capacity of a full time Teaching Assistant. The children interacted well and engaged in talks or play with her. She was with us from 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm...essentially post nap and snack time. I will review interest and inclination towards this smaller environment vs a center based environment but given her schedule, her availability is not before May/June timeframe continually.

3. As shared, the Practicum class and spring semester starts tomorrow. Children are very welcome to be dropped earlier at 8:30 am and I would appreciate it very much if they can be picked up by 4:30 pm so I can get to the class late but still having 2/3rd the class time. I need to review my goals, thoughts, plans for lining up a local practical training location and hours.

4. All pre-requisites for the license capacity update application are underway too with the intent to mail it in by end of this week.

Whew...never a dull moment but busy busy is how one wants to be! The crew keeps us in shape.






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