Enjoy the long weekend!

I look forward to seeing the crew back in action on Tuesday! Any guesses on how long the school bus will last? It’s become their little home post evening snack and all but Ria gets their time in...they determine when done. Ria vigorously shows driving motions when it comes out and repeats them often as she sees the activity...not ready for getting in yet.

We will be joined by Mackenzie from Tuesday...day 1 will just be little over an hour from 10:15 am - 11:30 am in the classroom and expand from there.

There is lots to do as each week rolls in but for now Teacher Vrinda is happy for that extra day to rest especially as the semester and Practicum will kick into gear!

For Wednesday 1/17 since I have class that starts at 4:30 pm, I was wondering if parents would be fine with starting the day earlier at 8:00 am and wrapping earlier at 4:00 pm? This would allow me to reach the class less late and still get a full day in. Just occurred to me to check on this possibility. I can take preferences via text/email.

Thank you and have a good weekend.







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