Neighborhood Clearance Achieved

I wanted to share the news with all of you. I received an email from RWC Planning Department representative that the program is clear to pursue applying for a large family license. I am glad that we have achieved this and have not raised concerns in the last 6 months among the immediate neighbors. As I tell the children, we need to be well behaved and take care of our things and environment. Thank you for being part of the vision and I hope that even as we continue the journey to grow, we remain committed to taking steps thoughtfully and slowly keeping our core intact.

Now I’ll start the process of putting in the  application with the state Licensing Department which will involve another review from them and also they will have the RWC Fire Department do their due diligence. Once applied, the licensing visits cannot be predicted. I will keep you posted when it happens.

The children got to enjoy their school bus tent again. They ate their afternoon work and evening snack fast just so they could get the opportunity to bounce about in it.

They made their own sandwiches and the addition of Avocado Oil Mayonnaise worked well for all. I think it is the squirty bottle and the squiggles which was the attraction in it.

See you all tomorrow!






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